Timelessness of God
The profound truth is that God brackets all that vast history from creation in approximately 7 days

Eternal is eternal!
Time is a factor that we use in this bridge of time to tell, duration between activities. I have never had to contemplate on time as created entity. Time and chances are two constants given to everyone regardless of our estates, stature, wealth and fitness. Time is seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks to months and to years, decades, scores, centuries to millennia… this ushers in eternity.
The Timelessness of God
They will perish, but you remain;
they will all wear out like a garment.
Like clothing you will change them
and they will be discarded.
But you remain the same,
and your years will never end.
He said to time, arise and be and time arose from nothingness thereof and it began to divide the once massive mass of eternity, not in the sense of proportions but in a version that finite can understand. A way that brackets time in relatable terms to avoid the infinity overwhelm to a finite being. Eternity past is a subject to contemplate for another day same is the eternal future, just how long an eternity can be, how endless, Limitless, incessant, continual, boundless, ceaseless, perpetual, unfathomable, infinite, untold, interminable, uninterrupted, unbroken, countless it can be. His days shall know no end, He remains eternally in shape, He is not affected by time, age can’t catch up with Him. He is simply eternal. He is immutable, changeless God.
Transient body eternal soul
He has put eternity in their heart!
It is core of all human experience to long for something longer than the few scores years under the sun, many will pursue diverse explanation to this reality or give it different names. Immortal soul was wrapped in a mortal package . It is this consciousness of eternity that is challenged by progressive humanism that seeks to confine life to few scores. Time is what puts an age tag to life in this side of eternity.
A millennium is as a day
A millennia is huge mass of time. Let’s put it into perspective, Two millennia ago, Christ our Lord was not crucified, he had not even stepped into public ministry, Approximately 3.5 Millennia ago David was the King of Israel Approximately 4.5 millennia the great flood in the days of Noah. The profound truth is that God brackets all that vast history from creation in approximately 7 days. My mind is blown away by this scripture, For in Your sight a thousand years are like yesterday that passes by like a few hours in the night. Like yesterday, it passes just like few hours, Like, a few hours? In God is no recent nor ancient its all a week. No history is deep and out of His memory. It is a divine revelation when God breaks eternity into a form we can understand and relate. Eternity is eternity
The Knowledge of God
I can remember what happens yesterday with vivid consciousness, the sounds, colors and texture remains so vivid. So the way we can account our days with such exactness is how God can account for millennia of human history. As I meditated in this quality I agreed that God’s knowledge of human affairs is so on point. Our days remains specks of history that no matter how long we live.
Timeless Worship
So we worship, TIMELESS KING we need to ascribe Him the Worship due Him, The Blessed and only Sovereign, King of Kings and The Lord of lords, The only Immortal, God Only Wise. Let take time to contemplate on this amazing truth in the background timelessness of our God. God is wrapping up time gradually and He will soon sweep us to eternity, He has wrapped eternity is in our heart. Only eternal can respond to eternal.



  1. Angela

    What a wonderful reflection. Thoughts on time are a wonder. God caused time to stand still. I wonder if God can cause the time to go back? (As with the cultural obsession of time travel). God dwells in a realm above time. Only He can give us time. Only He can redeem the time we have wasted. Truly a wonder!

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