As I see the revolving table, I must never fail to see the ONE behind the moving wheel.
The night had gone barren Men of skill had gone unfruitful Men of the sea, were bowed The trauma of unrewarded toil Morning had insisted brightly Frustration was just confirmed Men had to match out disappointed and catchless No show for the night's labour, they left cashless Casted nets had gathered no even small prey A great uneasy, the lazy wash by the seashore Emotions went high, when He came a drift in the sea, their boat got business Fathers business was right on course Lower your net, a soft call rented But... But... the loud vehemently protested We have been here, all night long We are not mere, our experience is long Yet! at your word, we do it again Going back to a place, you have known defeat Navigating the deep you have spent all night Waters that have washed over your tossing boat Toiling again, the already despaired heart Wasting the only strength, buried in frustration Yet! at your Word we will do it again Wait a minute, the tossing boat did a turn A cry, the empty net was tearing quick The weight almost capsizing the pitiful boat Cries of help, so much a catch, overwhelming Worry checked in, sinking in blessing given Almost buried in the weight of providence A catch, left him conscious of Him Away from me, the fish drama cut him deep Twas a tale of amazed crowd and conscious him. Of Job change and lakeside ordination So he changed, in astonishing instance Twasn't Fish he longed for but Him They left everything and followed Him, the toils of this life is a voice that continuously beacon us to come and fellowship with God. Going through the same thing over and over is very unsettling yet it is through obedience that we truly come to be fellowship with Christ. As we unwind what we had wind, as we do again what we thought we were done and dusted lets trust God for more grace. Only then is when we will begin to see that it is the hand of circumstance that God uses to mould us. As I see the revolving table, I must never fail to see the ONE behind the moving wheel. #MeditationOnToiling

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