Our longing is not for things but for a Person, It is not in materials but for a relationship. The hunger of the soul can't be satisfied with bread, desparation of a parched Soul is not water, but the flowing rivers of living water
When bread can’t satisfy Hunger Here is an extract from a poem I penned, Who drilled this deep. It captures the thought that I wish to share in this posting. Do you have striving within your heart, what are the longing of your heart? Our hearts is like a battlefield where longings clash and the constant casualty is our very heart. Superior longings have pressed over our soul in immense proportions. Who drilled this deep Who drilled this deep void? Who meant the soul to ever want? Eternal hounds were aimed to my deepest My hearts will forever bleed from its prick Prick that scarred through to the soul The Longing that I feel still, homesick maybe Who created the insatiable? What is the fill to this infinite hole? Maybe He meant me to ever want Maybe He set me up to such inadequacies Could the soul be possessing an infinity wiring? It’s breakers betray, it seem braced to last Maybe this little life here was to awaken soul Maybe cool water was meant to awaken thirst Maybe best of delicacies were to awaken hunger Water was never to quench nor food for hunger Little for momentary but not to ultimately undo That when water can’t quench nor food satisfy Then He remains our Truest treasure and Joy My souls breaks with longing! The shadows of heaven have been cast over our hearts, whose form exceeds in awesomeness and loveliness. Its impression is so sublime that our minds can’t pretend to forget or ignore. This is the genesis of all longings, it is in design and God in His infinite wisdom designed our hearts to have hunger pangs, homesick and desires. Meant to want, why did the finite and infinity have to meet in the soul of man. To want is a state that our heart will reside in this side of eternity. Hunger for bread and thirst for water is a primary call to look outside ourselves for the sustaining hand of providence. It points to want, it points to hunger, it directs our desperation for God. Longings are to entice us to consider Him who made us. To pursue joy and satisfaction in Him and so glorify Him When water can’t quench thirst The likely crisis in the pursuit of happiness in the finite, is that the elements in themselves fail to deliver the promises of satisfaction. The element in themselves remains utterly pointless, so that one can still die of thirst in the middle of vast ocean. The same was the story at Marah whose water though abundant in measure remained incapable of quenching the physical thirst for it was bitter or maybe of the Samaritan woman who would make trips to the well, not to draw bitter water, but drinkable yet still couldn’t ultimately quench thirst though it promised momentary satisfaction. There are the thirsty who will be quenched but there are also the thirsty who wouldn’t have their thirst quenched because they prefered their own broken cistern which can hold no water over the fountain of living water. They loved their muddy indulgences, flimsy and colourlesss pursuits, finite fillings and shallow satisfaction only to confirm that, that void drilled cant have a finite satisfaction. When bread can’t satisfy A man does not live by bread alone, But by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord. So they hungered to learn this precisely ‘Bread with its promise of satisfaction is limited’ and if not for divine sustenance it remains empty. Extended thought; History is littered with men and women of great achievements, enduring legacies, unmatched prowess and ingenuity, they won most coveted titles, medals, recognitions and offices that are enviable, this finite feats and rewards could not stretch to quench the longing. So that even under the generosity of Heaven to rain manna and quail in abounding measures they hungered still. All desires whether legitimate or illegitimate have a root to this reality that we were all meant to want. So that any appearance of a striving to satisfy any of this longing is a correspondence to an inner reality of a void. Unfortunately most of our striving most often leads us to broken cisterns, muddy fountains and shallow streams with glitters with promises of satisfaction only to deepen our own awareness of our thirst thus wanders our souls farther from any remedy. Living now and living forever The eternal must weigh heavily on the soul, longings that we are awakened to are infinite. Christ our Lord claims to be The Bread and The Living Water, the dual that will squarely fix the longing. Our longing is not for things but for a Person, It is not in materials but for a relationship. The hunger of the soul can’t be satisfied with bread, desparation of a parched Soul is not water, but the flowing rivers of living water. Daily Bread for sustenance of our vitals is essential, that’s why we pray ‘Give us this day our daily bread‘ yet we are to not consume our life within the few years on this bridge of time and forget the forever. Momentary satisfaction must not blind us from the infinite eternal satisfaction that is in God. So Labour not for food that perishes but for the food that endures to eternal. I summarise this thoughts with the brilliant excerpt of C.S Lewis, Mere Christianity If I find myself a desire which no experience in the world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was meant for another world. If none of my earthly pleasures satisfy it, that does not prove that the universe is a fraud, Most probably earthly pleasures were never meant to satisfy it, but only arouse it So I must keep alive in myself the desire for my True Country, Homeward bound

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