Life here was teared back from the beatings and tortured was the soul yet there were days when hope Blazed through the minute ventilation space near the roof of this rocky cave and all that one could do was to pick a sharp stone and re-inscribe ‘My God will Give me Justice’

In this Prison in Château d'If where Edmund Dantes was jailed, by orchestration from his friend Fernand Mondego the Count de Morcerf. In those dark walls of a rat infested stinking prison was an engraving ‘My God will Give me Justice’. This inscription was unaraseble reminder that justice will be served little here but nonetheless perfectly in eternity. in that tablet of stone that permanently was before the prisoner for decades in solitary confinement. Though the Chateau D’If was a man forsaken island prison, with just a number of heartless wardens, prisoners looked heavenward for hope and were applicants of divine justice.
This words were sometimes buried after many days of waiting and the convictions vaporized in thin air as the years in injustice counted. The wait became frustrating, the eyes up, started looking down, they turned heavy and teary as all hope seems to fade each passing day. Life here was a teared back from the constant bloody lashes and so tortured was the soul. There were days when rays of hope beamed through a tiny ventilation hole in the roof of this rocky cave and all that one could do, was to pick a sharp stone and re-inscribe ‘My God will Give me Justice’ that hope kept a hard prison life hopeful, perhaps Chataeu D’if or Maybe beyond the sky.
At the Heart of Justice
Any longing for justice is a longing for God. I will sustain this thought through the reality that punishment for a crime is a conscience issue and any desire to see justice served is a desire for an impartial Judge at the bench. A righteous judge is the person we want to see in the courtroom, impartial in his judgement and devoid of moral flawlessness and lacking any bent to compromise the course of justice for the seeker. Whose pursuit is that justice would roll down as water and righteousness as an overflowing stream. To be Just is part of the divine excellence, that speaks of the character of God to administer justice and His moral excellence to be objective and to be righteous and His ability to just hand in the punishment due, without Any divine excesses or divine underestimation.
Meaningful suffering
Human feeling loathe that an offender can go scot free, this feeling is the right default. We easily write off any film whose villain is never brought to justice and we are often can't reconcile it in our conscience. Over the years I have known from the Bible that the only thing that makes suffering meaningful is the reality of judgement, that’s perhaps why our tears are stored by God in that heavenly vessel because someone has to account for why the dropped in the first place. It is meaningful, there is a vast spread of suffering inflicted by heartless people that human feeling can’t stand. Unless God is the judge pain and suffering becomes meaningless. So everyone will be brought to book, regardless of their social standing, power and importance and justice will be served to the fullest measure. For God shall bring all things to judgement. So we suffer well, we stand against injustices yet we don’t limit this process to the flawed judges in our fallen courts who can be compromised or be bought to protect the perpetrator, the seeker of justice is then frustrated until they withdraw the cases from the courts.
Justice in this side of eternity
We are so removed from the principles of justice due to our falleness as a people, and what we have is a mirage from a stained perspective that is selfish. We have a biased concept that bulges with our preferences. So it is important to know of our flawed systems and their inability to deliver justice perfectly. To so many people the journey to justice is so long and never reaching, some die never served, starved at the queues in the corridors of Justice, some will rot in jails for crimes they never did, while others will grow old and give up the fight that never paid off in the pursuit of justice. Yet it remains comforting that even those who seats in the supreme courts of this world, all the legal puritans of all ages, all the untouchables and invincible perpetrators will face an infallible judge and I am convinced they will be recompensed to the fullest extent of the justice requirement.
Unsettling Reality
It will be unsettling on the courts of heaven, the silence will be appalling as we behold the Judge in His Awesome majesty doing right. The reality of He need no evidences, Mo witness and no inquiry of the matter. All that was committed centuries ago is just as fresh in the divine memory. He will expose all that is hidden, the top secrets and all the planning That preceded the injustices committed. That is precisely why, the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb. It will be scary to face a righteous Judge. For shall not the judge of the earth do right?
So those Engraved message though almost illegible remains true, MY GOD WILL GIVE ME JUSTICE lives on. So we must pick up the sharp stones and with conviction write again. I have known that my longing to see the guilty not acquitted is a divine yearning that makes God's justice necessary in this world. One day we will see every crime punished and every applicant of justice refreshed yet the divine justice will close -in on everyone of us and those who due to entitlement were excused will now account. It is not just a justice we beg but the justice we deserve, my heart is learning to plead for mercy. Maybe it is mercy that we will truly need when the Righteous Judge is done with us.
God Will Give You Justice
As we meditate and think about justice, let our hearts learn grace, let our hearts learn forgiveness, let our hearts learn healing that come from God so that we can do our part of loving our neighbours and letting the avenging be done by The Righteous, infallible judge who will do right and dispense justice required. To many who feel enraged by the withering injustices take this really down to your heart GOD WILL GIVE YOU JUSTICE

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