I watched from the highest heights in the white Right to the deepest deep she was in the blue

Striving rays penetrated deep the heart of gloom
The red and the yellows of the field smiled to bloom
Life is often like a dream, when joy fills this leaking heart
Of the grey and monotone gives way
To orange evens and golden dawns.
I watched from the highest heights in the white
Right to the deepest deep she was in the blue

A paint of rainbow splash awesome
Flickers and glitters exploded in the blackness
In the night i once dreaded, a moment I scared me
The impassable bridge to newness lingered
Of the shrieks and silence noises
To beautiful melody of hope and smiles
Light to darkest dark, her prints were come

I waited here, to meet the visiting happiness,
When happiness hugged me, I lost in wonder
Are you forever here? Why are you come?
Stay here, home will become in the years
Happiness seemed to a hurry
I walked and intersected her going,
Burned her bridges, wrecked her compass,
Crippled her pace, immovable she glued

I nursed her, the pain i afflicted
Her stay was no blessing, gloom hinted in
She humbly gazed but with no smile,
Deadening silence hang for long while
Her un-resounded words struck loudest
Her ice of heart throbbed with shivers of discomfort
I knew that happiness needed to walk away
It was time for low notes to resound again

When winter fades the spring will come,
The autumn will transition to the days of sunshine
Days of dew are blessing as the days of black
If it daily stay, monotone keeps soul sick
She will come again, she is the unwelcomed visitor
She is no stationary, she is on the move
Of the smiles and heightened joy
To the peace and quiet rest
Of the blue evens and golden morning

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