Now the epitaph is prepared Yet the legacy is just born His impact will be living on The memory will not forget

Now the dust of time is settling
The wails have gone quiet
The hurt is withdrawing it effect
The hard grips are loosing

Now the epitaph is engraved
Legacy is just born, it's seeds just sowed
Its impact germinates to live on
Memory will not try to forget their bravery

Now the pilgrim is arrived victorious
Father waiting has called off life's journey
Son is ushered to glory, radiantly joyfilled
Bliss just got blasted, fireworks just lit

Now the fellow pilgrims mourn
With hearts torn by their departures
Time will knit the pieces of these brokenness
The solace is with the pilgrims

Now the pilgrims must listen home
The voice might call unexpected
Or maybe persistent to be expected
The Captain might want us off the battle

Now fighting we must voraciously
The cowardly reach no home friends
They hide, hardly making strides
But a soldier is ushered home triumphant

Now in battlefields of this life we fight
Triumphant maybe, injured maybe
Or Maybe in aftermath jubilant chants
Ready to go home or to take another battle
Should our Captain will...

Now with a packed urgency waiting
Waiting for his means home
Waiting to join fellow soldiers
More to behold our Captain, Our Lord

Rest In Peace
    Ravi Zachariah
    David Pawson
    And all who died in Christ


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