As the winds calm and the clouds are clearing we can see the dusts of joy whirl

Dusts of Joy

The elites of antiquity had not foreseen the turbulent times ahead. There was a pattern of security and comfort for God’s people. Life went about through familiar paths and was needless to feels threatened and afraid. The heights of their mountains and the depths of their valleys were obvious and so anyone could have walked through life in Judah with their eyes closed. It was during this season that a prophetic voice was essential to awake the complacent, encourage the devout and warn the wicked of the hard times ahead and the interruption that will come.
Divine Disruption
We all want life linear, we don’t want life that looks like an audio wave; we want stability and changeless seamless flow, daily knowns, patterns we have acquainted to, paths we have trodden over and over, we want to see familiar faces and hear familiar voices. Disruptions makes no friend in our modern lives and it must be an important message that is send out when life normalcy suddenly halts. God has often invaded men in times of great crisis like now, when what has numbed our senses is melted away and all we traded important are withdrawn. It’s like that hard bang in the night that not only awakens the sleeper but also makes them extremely sensitive. We have been disrupted! Friends. The noises have muted and engines have stopped, normalcy has stopped now prepare to hear Him. Disruption is meant so as we can pause in the psalmistic Selah. Because I believe in the sovereignty of God in all the affairs of men I believe this this is a divine pause that means well to God's Children.
Murmurs of discontent
Now the disruption is real, lives patterns have been undone, we need a conversation that is resting on God’s full control. We pray for God to do justly but when we does it as answer to prayer we exclaim ‘to much’, we want it our way, when He does it His way we cry foul. No measure of God’s providence is ever the right measure in human scales. From the extremes of sun to the extremes of pour. Human nature is totally messed up that it needs divine implant to turn grateful. We have complained most in this season. This disruption has unmasked some level of complaints that ain’t proud of, the lack of patience and selflessness that are to toxic levels. We have desired the meat in the Egyptian pots, the watermelons of our freedom, we have lusted for our bondage in the rat race that we pursued in the pre-coronial period (before Corona). We must memorize this verse ‘Give thanks in all situations’ and wait on the hand of providence to journey us through the uncertainty of this vast wilderness which our own eyes have despaired sight and our minds haven't imagined through its adventures.
Almost Despaired
The journey to uncertainty can fill our hearts with panic and worry. I almost despaired in the goodness of the Lord… it’s unlikely words in the Holy Scriptures that captures human weakness and the daunting call to trust. When our patience had been stretched to limits we feels like calling it a quit and wrapping this adventure with God. We call Him and ask ‘what about us’ shall we likewise be hit by the tragic entourage that is speeding towards us. What will become of the godly? Then the coundrum of hope bursts right before our despaired eyes, it is a simple yet exceedingly encouraging revelation THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH. The teary eyes is wet even more by the thought of hope and praise to our God. Praises continues to ascend from this hope filled soul. This my heart holds dear that I shall yet again praise the Lord. My despair is overcomed by a superior revelation. So that in the face of the known and unknown adversity hope rides supreme, Hope in the Lord.
God Showed up
Rottenness entered into my bones, My belly trembled, My lips quieted. For I realized that the Lord is in His temple. When God showed up the ancient establishment were moved from their places. What stood might before us was an small pitiful pandemic. As the sea dried before him, as the mountain squeezed for space to hide. The tremble of the ages was provoked. The Might One of Israel is to be praised. So I pondered on Him who has Might and casted my burdens there. He rolled them as a mat is rolled and the vanished as though exposed to great a furnace an iota of wax. So was the burden lifted and healing for the nations and salvation for the heathens.
Language of Hope
Even though! This is the song that ends the meditation upon Shigionoth. Even though the Fig tree may not blossom is a thought of something superior than health, something priceless than wealth. This opens our eyes to the insufficiency of our possessions to fill up the cistern of joy that our heart craves for. Yet! I will joy in the Lord of my salvation. Intact joy! So that when earthly substance fails to yield and the promises of prosperity disappoint, our hearts will still rest joyful in the Lord. Crisis must never challenge the intactness of our Joy. These patterns of hope must help us trace patterns of Joy that only Our God can Give. As the winds calm and the clouds are clearing we can see the dusts of joy whirl, heartful thankfulness well and the triumph of His will.




  1. skarugah

    Profound thoughts. I agree that the on-going disruption should lead into psalmistic Selah and is also testing our genuinness in following Christ. Thanks for posting.

  2. Mulama

    Crisis must never challenge the intactness of our joy….Joy that only cometh from Him…..nice read.Absolutely worth the time spent reading!

  3. kinyara wa njuguna

    I have really liked the level of deep introspection that you have placed here and the great unearthing of man’s hearts, but I would like to add that unless that joy is supplied to us by God Himself, then we are hopeless and we won’t be in any way be opened to see what God wants us to experience.

  4. hannagithgmailcom

    May crisis never challenge the intactness of our joy.
    The just shall live by faith.

    Nice read. 🙂 Blessings.

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