If my private world is in order, It will be because I am convinced that the inner world of the spiritual must govern the outer world of the activities
Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.’ Proverbs 4:26 I was one critical student when it came to various subjects, For sure I didn’t quite understand why algebra was a topic in mathematics, and why I had to learn it, why ‘sauti ghuna na sauti sighuna’? Why close tests, pronunciations, exclamation? It made English so hard, it was already oppressive to someone who spent most of the primary school days communicating in a local dialect, to even find correct pronunciations, Our B’s we infested by P viruses, while Learn and run meant the same thing. However as I go through life I have come to appreciate the intonations and mathematical letters Sinkhole is one of the vain things I had learnt in geography, which got some meaning in the recent past; I first interacted with it while I was reading the book ‘Ordering your private word’ authored by Gordon McDonald. This phenomena has been an object of reflections to me. It helped drive a point home which multitude of other words wouldn’t. Sinkhole by definition is a depression that occurs in a land surface when the subterranean water dissolves the underlying support thus making the ground to cave in. Don’t mind the subterranean; it just to makes one look learned but it simply ‘under the surface’ Unlike the other geological catastrophes that happen, Sink hole is worst in the sense that when earthquakes come, they begin to signal, the stress, tremors and in a way communicates to us of an impending danger. Last year the Hurricane Irma couldn’t get the Florida residents by surprise because it had been forecasted. Sinkholes however cannot be forecasted! It hits when we least expect, we sink while we step boldly, what might look a fair exterior gives in to weight and pressure and injuries, fatalities are unavoidable. While this might look as exciting as a natural phenomenon most of our life crumbles within the streams of activities and demands slowly drain our foundations and dissolve our resolve, our rest, our values, our principles and our passions. While the super structures (What we see) of life seem intact our sub structures (What we cannot see) are giving in to the pressure of matching up with the expectations and ambitions. Sooner or later we accumulate so much of the externalities of life that we begin to cave in, a depression sets in and we sink. Sinkhole is a glaring reality in our lives unless we constantly check and built the inner underlying support that holds everything together. The questions it begs is; What is the state of my inner world? The nurturing of the inner life is something we must daily commit to daily, to tend our own vineyard. We must have time to sit back and reflect our pilgrimage, to pace down from the various demands of our external demands and take a rest from the busyness life. Because when decisions needs to be made it is where we resolve to, it is where values are birthed and convictions about life are strengthened. How sad it is to walk to this inner world only to behold mess, confusion and noise. It must be a tended garden that blossoms in newness, where richer streams waters drains to and where the voice of God is heard with clarity. In his Memo to the disorganized, Gordon McDonald in His book Ordering your private world, ‘If my private world is in order, It will be because I am convinced that the inner world of the spiritual must govern the outer world of the activities’ This words pierced my heart so deeply because I had often lived my life in the surface, I as many others had a fair exterior but inside was crumbles and a cave-in that was becoming very really and serious. Jesus confronted the Pharisees in Matthew 23, with phrases like ‘…You make clean the outside of the cup and of the plate but within they are full of self-indulgence and excesses… Cleanse first the inside of the cup and plate that the outside may be clean also!’ This sermon was delivered to the religious elite of his days, although the walls of time have separated us from them yet the tone of Christ remains a call to take heed of our inner life which then translates to our outer dealings.  He still speaks to us who may as well have triumphed in their public and outer trimmings of life but the inner world is in unimaginable shambles. Our Lord Jesus Christ frequently points us to liveliness and strength of the soul more than merely observance and living up to the outer accomplishments of religion. The world today celebrates our outer world of activities and that gives a blow to the inner hidden world of devotion and communion with God. This reality redirect our every effort, our early rising, our late to bed, busyness and our diligent service to the activities that are visible and measurable in our lives. We compare each other on the externals of life, pressure one another but we hardly concerned enough for the hidden life of the spiritual which does not shout as the public life does. When we starve the spiritual it will not be long before life shatters for grounds we stand will gave way, and the fair exterior collapse. The truth is, we can only support the weight and pressure our stamina can sustain and nothing more, only what is in the stockroom will serve the demand not the showroom which just to make an impression. As we think about ourselves and the next generation of believers we have to purpose to be the kind of biblical disciples. This is important because we will ultimately reproduce our kind, a mango tree produces a mango and no miracle can prove otherwise. Our being then becomes a matter of great essence not just the doing and hosts of activities that crowds our outer world. Just as in biology the animal grows to maturity, attaining to capacity where it is able to withstand the stretches of conception, gestation all the way to giving birth so is our spiritual life. Immaturity is fatal, in that it threatens not only the life of the baby but the very life of the parent. Who am I becoming? It is our being that it important and Mark 3:14 puts it pointed ‘And he ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach’ Being with the master was the real deal, while going to preach (activity) was the product of their staying with Christ. We are called to be with Christ! ‘We’ve been to the moon and back but we’ve not retreated to our own hearts to check of its state of orderliness.’ It is time to stock our private world with rich time in God’s word, time in prayer, reflection and meditation on the Master of our souls. It is time to take stock of our inner orderliness and taking deliberate steps to order this neglected yet the essential health of our spirit. Finally friends if our private world is to be in order it is because we are convinced that our private world has eternal far reaching consequences than our outer world. A richer, nobler and deeper life comes from living from the inside; a lively tended soul Reflections


  1. ryco93

    A deep reflection there bro. Our inner life should order the outer one. Very true point outs, let’s learn to focus on the master and re-evaluate our inner being…A very nice piece bro, thanks for sharing.

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