He'll take you farther than you wanna go He'll keep you longer than you wanna stay And it will cost you more than you ever thought you'd pay
This season of the year is so unforgiving the cold cutting through numbs my members that my hand kept lazily postponing, my wits frozen as ideas played games with my mind. At last I triumph, this is no small victory. Unlike other years, this year my best friends have become coffee and music of course! Needless to admit that my mercury level is quite on the rise. By the way one particular music made me deeply moved not with its art or the singsong voice. Words made the whole difference, He knows he'll never have your soul But he will gladly rob you blind While you're feasting at his table,He'll tie your hands and numb your mind He'll take you farther than you wanna go He'll keep you longer than you wanna stay And it will cost you more than you ever thought you'd pay The song is ‘Waiting on the night to fall’ by Casting crown, They could not have put it any better, It is this verse that struck my heart hard of how I entertain and play games with one whose blades swings almost at my throat, with his cruel hatred blazing hot but he entices with calm gentle words until he has me in the slaughter. How many times do I feast at the table of the enemy of my soul? The devil. Finding pleasures in his inventions, falling for his incentives and inviting him sometimes in our table through what we read, watch, listen and say. I guess it is same to many of us. Little leeway’s, little compromises, little opportunities that widens and widens till I become numb to see him as the enemy. I crazily believe that sins are ‘relatives’ allowing one just opens wide a gate for others, No sin I have known is a loner; they walk in bands and to be mastered by one is quite a hopeless place to be because one sin leads to another and the circle continues. Sin is a cruel and a strong master, that will power shrinks and helps not. I got so infuriated, I have for longest time been in attendance in his feasts through coax jokes, indifference, worldliness for the list is endless. Let’s be frank ‘Which table do you become lit in?’ We deeply know that our heart is where our treasures are. ‘While we're feasting at his table’ He will work to intoxicate us with lies that are so meticulously fabricated until I trade eternal for the moment. This recent months I have learnt treasured lessons in that line. I learned that lack of delight in God and the table he has furnished for me was an exchange of eternal pleasures for passing fleeting pleasures. That my heart was not just disinterested in God it was interested in what the adversary was offering. The eyes of my mind widens with traces of wonder when David says ‘I delight in your laws’ for it is hard a discipline to find rest and eternal pleasures from God in our days in this bridge of time. We have to ask hard questions, If isn’t God, who is he that delighting my heart, who is? For we know human heart was wont to want and neutrality is a philosophical impossibility when it regards our affection and worship. Knowing the schemes of our adversary how do we come to dance to his tunes on our way to destruction? The deception of sin is quite a force to reckon with. We will find the grips of it so firm to salvage ourselves. By being confronted from our cravings and appetites we are too weak to resist him and his advances. Hook and bait is one of the fishing method I personally used in my childhood days fishing expeditions, you at least had to possess them for skill. One thing that often amazed me was the blindness on the side of the fish to see that snare. I could just not get it! In bid to take a catch it was signing for its untimely end, for hook was deep the throat. Talk of birds and animals bait works so perfectly. Tired of the hunt the ready hanging piece is great! Wait a minute! Bait of the devil is often disguised in appeals that we deeply hunger for but inside are armouries that will sink the ship of your life into an abyss of mess and destruction. At the tables furnished for us is either a bait (Devil’s) or a blessing (God’s). Like the fish, fowl or an animals likewise enticing of a bait is so irresistible unless you can discern through the incentives at our disposal. ‘Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.’ Galatians 6:7 (KJV, The scroll must be a serious bible) is one of the very pointed verse that wraps up the whole idea I am trying to put across. The principle of reaping, is simply ‘you reap what you sow’

We reap what we sow

What you invest in will grow, it is true that what I feed grows and what I starve dies. If we neglect the feeding of our souls we starves and kills it ultimately. Since the principle abides it is necessary that I commit to what am sowing every day in this life. What am I sowing? In which garden am I sowing? Feeding our minds with impurities and sin ultimately grows into impure actions. A Christian struggling with ingrained habits has to start sowing aright, For as long as what enters the soil of our heart is filthy the germinates will be filthy and filthy we will reap.

We reap later than we sow

In other words consequences of our actions follows later on, this makes it a grave affair because our pay for the services of our sins wholly later on. This blows to pieces the idea that we can get away with what we sow. A friend keeps reminding me that in economics there are no free lunches, devil’s incentives are so costly in the long run. The philosophy of instant gratification must be rejected.

We reap longer than we sow

This reality confirms the phrase ‘He'll keep you longer than you wanna stay’. Sin has a way of taking a longer stride than we thought was necessary, its circles, secrecies and short cuts make the way longer than it would have been with integrity and godliness. Thus I stay in the mess longer for that is the devil’s delight. One enticement will lead to another and another, the realities of our cravings proves that we will not have enough. What came as a advert of 30 seconds proceeds to a few minutes only to realize we are in addictions and habits which we excused ourselves so slightly.

We reap more than we sow

We reap what we sow is in the sense of kind, a mango tree will produce mango and a coffee plant yields coffee. But naturally in the sense of quantity we often reap much than we planted. I grew up as a son of peasant farmer, we only needed 10kg of seeds to an equivalent of an acre, but during harvesting the principle of reaping more than you sow is so true because we could reap 25 bags of 90kgs. Consequences are more than we can often times bear. The devil sells his services on hire purchase often will pay more than was due. Let’s every day purpose to sow aright, Our adversary the Devil will always take you farther than you wanted to go, He will keep you longer than you wanted to stay And he will cost you more than you ever thought you'd pay. Reflections


  1. Dominic

    This is an awesome piece. So much educative and an eye opener in a way that presents how sins works out together to make you remain in the vicious circles of sins.

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