Attending a service in my local church in this chilly cloudy morning, there was in a sense something unusual in the entire service. Some seem to meditatively sing along the worship verses, while some in depths of prayer still other in silence and deep contrition. Lost in the wonder of the divine the preacher took the pulpit and the voice asked a question that has left a deep introspection deep in my spirit. Does your faith rest on human wisdom or in God’s power? I thought it was something i will snapshot moments in my own mind, unfortunately not so many just a couple. I believe with greatest honesty we need to grapple with this questions, the backdrop of his enquiry was in the second chapter of the first letter to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 2). Paul seems to introduce a concept, He says ‘Brother when I came to you I did not come with eloquence or superior wisdom when I proclaimed to you the testimony about our God, For I resolved to know nothing when I was with you except Christ and him crucified’ Later in the chapter in verse 5, Paul explains why he did that ‘so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom but in God’s power’. Clear enough! Right? We live in day of pragmatism and common sense that there is hardly a place of the supernatural demonstrations of Spirit’s power, our programs are so scheduled, our cries for revivals are so shallow and short-lived, our gatherings so conscious that we can’t expect divine visitations, actually we don’t desire them for they will inconvenience our planning. Does that sound familiar? When last did we sat in the service where the power of God was so tangible, that a silence broke and awe filled God’s people. Beloved, we are a generation that needs God’s power, our preaching, songs, prayers ought to be spiced with a divine touch, if it will prick hearts of men and bring salvation, healing, restoration and revivals. The reason the world might be reluctant to join the camp of faith might be a lack of the demonstration of the Spirits power. Such desperations have led to countless churches depart from the truth to heretical and cultic tendencies. One sure thing I have observed from our generation is that we are desperate for solutions, and since the nature of most problems are spiritual we really are moved to seek only to fall on conmen in the name of the clergy who their chief aim is to extort money from the seekers. For the lack of truth most of us have dismissed the supernatural. The easier way for the adversary of our faith to make strident gain is to let us dismiss the supernatural. If that succeeds he inflicts a double tragedy to believer, First, He will divert our attention to the material world, and this is enough; If Christian battles are reduced to the natural then the spiritual warfare falls flat. In 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, believers are reminded though they live in the flesh (natural) their fight is not against flesh or blood (natural/material) but against strongholds, arguments, pretensions etc. (supernatural). Supernatural might be not very real to us but nevertheless it is so real in the scriptures. This is the hinge which prosperity gospel turns, material is the goal. Secondly, the battlefield shifts to the natural realm where we have no amour to fight, for our weapons of warfare are not carnal. With Christians who are ignorant of the God’s power, our God is the commander of the heavenly hosts. Without the spiritual empowering power of the Spirit we are harmless to the devil and his followers. In this age we are having harmless Christians who have signed peace pacts with the adversary of their souls, they are not moved in way to wage war. Life is a battlefield, and the warfare is real as life is, spiritual impacts are not possible if we resolve to spiritual passivity. Perhaps we need a reminder that God has given us all weaponry for warfare not fun. Every warfare has an expansive dimension to take new grounds and advance the kingdom. Back to our questions, are you conscious of the supernatural? The extent of our revelation in this matter will give determine the level at which we will experience the God's power at work. Does your faith rest on human wisdom or in God’s power? This was Paul’s concern to the Corinthian church and to us. No wander of the few treasure stores we have as Christians is prayer, it is no secret that it is one of the most neglected, we can talk, plan and practice and not pray, may be just out of duty mumble few words to shake off some guilt. Prayer is supernatural intercourse with God, to move and work in the affairs of men. One danger of prayerlessness is to view and take life very physical. Why pray when can plan and avoid risks? Why wait upon God when I have common sense? Why…? I find it amazing that prayer meeting side-lined and dedicated to few people because we feel we are busy, committed and important. The revival of prayer is the wings that any spiritual health springs from, as long as it remains unattended our impact as a church will continue to wither. Beloved, if we are excuse prayerlessness we will soon invent fleshly ways of doing things that will crumble faith. Our independence from God is confirmed in our prayerlessness, with a resolve to chat our own course without God is devil’s delight, his flaming arrow will strike unshielded thus deadening any conscience in us and any possibility redemption. In diffusing our attention to the natural we lose the spiritual dimension of life, eternity and God’s power in the Spirit. I link the coldness towards the supernatural working of the Holy Spirit with declining deliberate praying. Prayer is the neglected of all our armouries, in this days of God’s power there is so little of the supernatural is desired, no wonder it is not easy to pinpoint moments we truly encountered the power of God. Beloved we so accustomed to the natural that there is no room for Christian to experience the supernatural. We need the visible working of God in our generation, we need to see genuine healings, genuine conversion, genuine deliverances, and spontaneity in worship, guidance, freedom and revival of hearts of men. What has God done to you lately that you can only accredit to God? With the reality of counterfeits we should not be suspicious until we fall right in the devil’s bait. As the scripture teaches. Beloved ‘For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms’ Ephesians 6:12(NIV). The war is not a natural one, with our fleshy armour we will not stand our adversary Beloved, as we desire to see this generation reclaimed to Christ let us launch in our closet with prayer and the word, fellowship and witness, knowing therefore the power of God let us confidently launch. Let us become offensive believers who will not rest until we see the purposes of God in our days come to pass. Build a holy expectancy of God's power in your life and others.


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