We should never in impatience at the seeming inactivity of God take matters into our own hands and try to be our own providence
The jewel of patience Purity of refined gold, the color, the texture, tenacity and sparkle one cannot mistake it from being the precious of stones. Gold is the epitome of what characterizes worth, wealth and preciousness. Unlike sand which is trodden by every foot, gold is deep earth’s skin that not many have ever set their eyes on it, it is costly to uncover this worth because of the processes upon processes one has to go through to have the gold come out in its purest. Costly machinery, cutting-edge technology, massive energy for the process. If that is not all the refining furnace the temperatures must be so high that no impurity can survive through, and when it has been tried and tested it comes forth in its purest. It occurs that all precious things are products of time and investment. But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold, Job 23:10 It is in that background of refiner’s furnace we can confidently see that our moments in the furnace are often moments of beneficence, We must daily pause and reflect through the purpose of these moments that try our hearts to unimaginable depths. For the lack of insight in what we pass through many of us have aborted process that would have beautified our courses now and in eternity. There are no vain seasons in our lives, although despair may paint our skies and discouragement abounds. The knowledge that we are not the architect of our own providence controls and reassures that God in all His potency and goodness is weaving a beautiful out our little life in this world. This, I hold precious that whatever befalls Jesus doeth all things well and when He has tested me I will come forth as gold. The story of divine beauty and purity springs from the wells of patience to allow God to wind, undo and straighten our lives. He uses the crooked to make straight. So that even in the anxiety to want to see things go a certain way, we can with quiet rest relinquish what seems our right to control and thus let God take over. For God is most active when all seems most still, the working of God’s nature is unseen but none the less felt, under his invisible control the stars maintain their predestined courses, the restless oceans keeps within their appointed limits, we should never in impatience at the seeming inactivity of God take matters into our own hands and try to be our own providence. If the sun is risen, that is enough evidence that God is in control not of your life but in the vast spread of the universe. Furnaces of life will not spare any they will flung open before us in various appointed seasons and moments but nevertheless it is the making of the beautiful. An ore acquainted with mud and impurity of all kinds can never be released for the Master, though the fragments of gold be present. The process of becoming beautiful is a painful one, with much chastening, tears, stretches and with grace of course. I believe that no matter where we are, in us is immeasurable possibility for divine beauty and purity. When He has tested and tried us we will come out as gold. Most of us in waiting bays of various kind, our patience to wait is a test of our character and our trust upon God. Wait must be characterised by a trust that releases, a trust that wholly delights that is founded in the unchanging nature of our God. Peace and joys that swings constant in the shifting tides. We must begin to celebrate processes not just products, character not just brilliancy, we are a generation with no stamina to wait, we hardly can withstand an extra minutes to the summons, we are hurried people! Right? These values of instant world are facing out virtues of patience and endurance. We must encourage this younger generation to wait, not pressuring them with this instant philosophy of life thus denying an opportunity to watch what patience can yield. Process of refining builds character, convictions and purpose. We admire and celebrate those who out of a long life of obscurity, failure, criticism, disappointment and trials have blazed out glittering. Ironically we cannot with like passion celebrate their times in the furnace of life. ‘Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you’ 1 Peter 4:12(KJV). The bible encourages us to not be surprised when this trials and furnaces are set ablaze. All we know is that in the fullness of time when they have accomplished the purposes of God, they will have brought a beauty of our lives. May I not think strange of this! Beloved God is at work in your seemingly stagnant and vain moment to make in you a bride for his son, It is unthinkable when we read of the patriarchs ‘Others were tortured not accepting deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection’ so that deliverance from the trials though humanly was the wise option they were discerning enough to know that deliverance from trial was not necessarily the highest form of spiritual blessing then unless it has perfected all that God intended. At the resurrection they will rise in glory unimaginable, beauty that trials refined, the crown that the thorns that this life weaved. When our tears shall win us a crown. We will need a little endurance, patience and grace to watch our God, for in due time He transform all that was intended for evil to our good. For beneath and above the shifting sands of time that darkens our days and the vicissitude that clouds our night is a loving and a caring God. ‘Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us’ Romans 5:3-5


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